The  « After-LIFE » - ECORICE  Plan target to the long-term conservation of Project outcomes (20 years), selecting all needed activities, responsibilities and resources ; on the other side, it study the biodiversity future into rice field Vercelli plain, referring to its Nature 2000 sites(and respective conservation targets), as well as to their connection for the ecological networl betterment.

It decided thus to concentrate on determinants and impact linked to socio-economical context in which the ECORICE Project grew up, that is with farmers, local administrators, the recent tourism developing sector and, most generally, with all services aiming at valorising local biodiversity, with the following objectives :

1.            preserve the inner functionality of SCI Palude di San Genuarioand SCI/SPA Bosco della Partecipanza di Trino, as important core areas of the Vercelli ecological network.

2.            Improve the ecological connectivity into Vercelli rice field plains, with stepping stones restoration or creation, with priority attention to SPA  Risaie Vercellesi,  Paludi di San Genuario e San Silvestro and respective target species, maintaining at the same time the trophic function of rice paddies for waterbirds food chains.

3.            Improve water courses functionality as ecological corridors at large scale, by requalification actions in favour of their relative main habitats (3140, 3150, 3240, 3260, 3270, 6210- priorit., 91E0-priorit., 91F0)

4.            Increase local communities’ awareness on the Vercelli Natura 2000 value, underlining how biodiversity can be included into the production chain of local development.

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